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Lactation and Feeding

Providing a holistic and individualized approach for expecting and new parents. 



Prenatal Support

In our experience, the best way to get prepared for breastfeeding is to start before the baby arrives. We have found the more informed a parent is prior to the baby being born, the less stress and challenges they face during the early days of breastfeeding. Our prenatal consulting sessions allow us to review your feeding goals, answer your questions, and review solutions to common problems to prepare you for your breastfeeding journey. Learn more

Prenatal Lactation Support

Postnatal Support

Once the baby has arrived, we work with mothers seeking a more pleasant breastfeeding experience. We take a collaborative and informed approach to help you problem-solve challenges related to:

  • painful latching

  • nipple pain

  • nipple damage

  • using a nipple shield

  • plugged ducts

  • long-lasting feedings

  • slow weight gain

  • introducing a bottle

  • returning to work

  • excessive weight loss

  • low milk supply

  • pumping

  • tongue ties

  • lip ties

  • cheek ties

  • cleft lip/palate

  • feeding tubes

  • developmental delays

Private Lactation Consultation

Together we will help you improve your baby's latch, decrease breastfeeding pain, manage oral-ties,  releases, improve your baby's overall oral functioning, and improve your milk transfer for adequate weight gain and efficient feeds. Learn more

Infant Feeding
Infant and Toddler Feeding Therapy


Feeding therapy for babies and toddlers helps parents overcome any feeding-related challenges related to breast and bottle feeding, and/or transitioning to solid foods. We are committed to helping families get off to a great start through direct therapy, parent coaching, and education around what to look for possible red flags that may lead to future feeding, communicaiton, or sensory challenges. during that first year of life.

We take a family-centered and whole-child approach to help you problem-solve challenges related to:

  • choosing the right bottle

  • how to introduce a bottle

  • bottle refusal

  • coughing while feeding

  • milk leaking from the mouth

  • clicking while feeding

  • creating a plan to introduce solids

  • difficulty during the transition to solids

  • oral aversions

  • picky eating

  • food aversions

  • tongue-tie

Early intervention is key to positive future outcomes. We want our families and clients to be as educated and informed as possible. Our goal is to empower parents as much as possible as they are the ones supporting their child's feeding at home. Parents are a very active part of every therapy session.

Infant and toddler feeding therapy will lead to improved mealtime experiences, a decrease in aversions, an increase in the variety of foods eaten, and an overall improved relationship with food and mealtimes. Learn more


Designed to give you the most up-to-date, evidenced based information on infant feeding.

Breastfeeding Class


Having a successful breastfeeding experience starts with the early days after birth. Gather helpful tips on how to achieve an effective and comfortable latch for your baby; as well as, ways to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition. Additionally, discover strategies that will help maintain your milk supply over time and when/how to introduce a bottle - all while knowing where you can go if challenges arise along the way!

Baby Starting Solids


As your baby grows, it's important to gain a comprehensive understanding of introducing solids, especially while continuing breastfeeding. In this class, you'll get up-to-date insights on how to prevent possible food allergies as well as navigating any issues. Plus with age appropriate advice on foods and portions – mealtime is sure to become more exciting for the whole family!

Mother Working from Home


Navigating the return to work while maintaining a breastfeeding schedule can be a complex challenge for many new parents. Our


Returning to Work for Breastfeeding Parents aims to help you confidently manage this important phase in your parenting journey.


In this comprehensive class, you will gain practical knowledge and actionable strategies to balance your professional responsibilities with your breastfeeding commitments.


This is currently offered as a group class only. Held the second Monday of the month. 

Click here to learn more

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