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Breastfeeding When Sick: Navigating Challenges and Keeping Your Baby Nourished

breastfeeding while sick, breastfeeding with a cold

Today, we're diving into a topic that's close to many of your hearts, especially during the winter months: breastfeeding when you're feeling under the weather. I know it's tough - you're juggling a million things and now, dealing with being sick. But guess what? You've got this, and I'm here to guide you through.

Understanding the Impact of Illness on Breastfeeding

First off, let's tackle the big question: "Can I still breastfeed when I'm sick?" Absolutely, yes! Your body is a fantastic machine that creates antibodies to combat your illness. These antibodies get passed to your baby through your breast milk, offering them extra protection. Plus, continuing to breastfeed helps maintain your milk supply.

Managing Your Health While Breastfeeding

"Take care of yourself to take care of others," couldn't be truer for breastfeeding moms. Get plenty of rest, hydrate, and eat well. And about medications? Always have a quick chat with your healthcare provider to make sure they're breastfeeding-friendly. Remember, a healthy you equals a healthy milk supply.

If you are unsure about a recommended medicine, consider checking the Infant Risk Center or the MommyMeds App, available on iOS and Google Play. These resources provide detailed information on the safety of various medicines and vitamins.

"Take care of yourself to take care of others."

Comfort Measures for You and Your Baby

I get it, being sick and breastfeeding is a double challenge. Make yourself comfy with pillows, keep essentials like tissues and water within arm's reach. If your little one is a bit fussy, it could be they sense your discomfort. Keep the vibe calm and soothing for both of you.

When to Seek Help

Mostly, it's about adjusting to the situation. But, if things get too tough, if you're worried about your milk supply or your baby's health, it's time to call in the pros. Reach out to a lactation consultant or healthcare provider. They're your go-to for tailored advice and support.

Breastfeeding while sick isn't a walk in the park, but with the right support, you can totally do it. Remember, taking care of your health is key. Rest up, follow these tips, and keep that milk magic happening!

I'm eager to hear your stories or tips for other moms in the same boat. Share your experiences and advice in the comments below. Let’s build a community of support and celebrate the incredible journey of breastfeeding moms!



About the author: Kellie Green is a certified and licensed Speech Pathologist, as well as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), who specializes in infant feeding. She operates a private practice in Columbus, OH, Green Living & Wellness.

This blog is meant for informational purposes and should not be taken as medical guidance.


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