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What We Offer

Mother Baby Bonding



Prenatal Education: $160

For our expecting parents, we answer all questions you have surrounding feeding your baby. A review of your health history is part of this consult to best prepare yourself to meet your feeding goals. We ensure you have all the information you need to get off to a great start as soon as your baby arrives.


Follow-up Visits: $160

During follow-up visits, we'll go over your treatment plan and talk about what's working and what isn't. We'll answer any extra questions you have and keep track of your infant's weight gain.


Transitioning to Solids/Feeding Therapy: $120

Feeding therapy for babies and toddlers helps parents overcome any feeding-related challenges related to breast and bottle feeding, lip/tongue tie revision, and/or  transitioning to solid foods. 


Initial Lactation/Feeding Assessment: $240

During your initial appointment, we'll go over your medical history, provide knowledge, and offer advice to help you achieve your unique feeding goals. This includes things like positioning/latching, pumping, bottle feeding, sleep issues, and whatever else you need help with. We will weigh your infant before and after each feeding.


Bottle Feeding/Refusal: $160

We can assist you whether your baby has an occasional bottle, is exclusively bottle fed with breastmilk, is exclusively bottle fed with formula, or is refusing bottles. It's a good time to evaluate bottle feedings if your infant is having problems with reflux, spilling milk, gassiness, or fussiness.


Oral Pre/Post Op Therapy: $160

Avoid the dreadful post-release feeding aversion. Learn techniques to improve your baby's feeding skills and boost your chances of having the best possible outcome from your baby's release.

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